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How To Update ESP8266 Firmware?

For update ESP8266 WiFi module firmware we need some software and firmware files.

Required Main Parts and Softwares

  • Firmware update circuit (Check ESP8266 Firmware update circuit. Include project download file)
  • PuTTY SSH and telnet client (
  • Nodemcu Flasher Master Software (include project download file)
  • ESP8266 AT Bin files (include project download file)


First you can download Project zip. No need Arduino for update your ESP8266 firmware.

Shopping List

Amount Label Part Type
1 ESP USB Adapter ESP8266 usb adapter
1 S1 Pushbutton
1 S2 Switch

ESP8266 Firmware Update Circuit

ESP8266 Firmware update circuit

Update Steps

1) Cerate firmware update circuit (Check ESP8266 Firmware Update Circuit )

2) Donwload PuTTY SSH and telnet client( and Project zip file

3) Insert ESP866 to your Firmware update circuit and insert Firmware update circuit to ESP8266 USB-RS23 adapter

4) Insert ESP8266 USB-RS23 adapter to your PC USB

5) Set Firmware update circuit prog/run button to RUN

6) Run PuTTY, click on the Serial radio button. In the Serial line text box type the COM port of your ESP8266 USB-RS23 adapter (e.g. COM3). In the Speed text box type 115200. Then, click the Open button.

putty select comport

7) After the serial port is open, type AT command, followed by ENTER and CTRL + J

putty check AT command

8) If get answer is OK you can connected to ESP8266

9) To check the ESP8266 firmware version, you need to type AT+GMR, ENTER and CTRL + J The firmware version should appear in the terminal window

putty check AT+GMR command

10) Set Firmware update circuit prog/run button to PROG

11) Close PuTTY

12) Unzip and RUN Node MCU flasher master software in project zip file

13) Select COMPORT

Nodemcu select com port

14) Click Config TAB

15) Select files and Address:
ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2_0\ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2\bin\boot_v1.6.bin --0x00000
ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2_0\ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2\bin\at\512+512\user1.1024.new2.bin --0x01000
ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2_0\ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2\bin\blank.bin --0x7e000
ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2_0\ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2\bin\blank.bin --0x3fe000
ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2_0\ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2\bin\esp_init_data_default_v05.bin --0x3fc000

Nodemcu select com port

16) Click to Advanced Tab and set:
Baudrate to: 115200
Flash size to: 1MByte
Flash speed to: 40MHz
SPI Mode to: QIO

Nodemcu select com port

17) Click to Operation Tab and click Flash(F) button

18) Wait 1-5 seconds for start flashing. If flashing not start press RESET button one time on Firmware update circuit. If all is correct Flashing started

Nodemcu select com port

19) After finish flashing you can see green OK icon and ready text on flasher software

Nodemcu select com port

20) Now check again your ESP8266 Firmware version with PuTTY SSH and telnet client

Nodemcu select com port

That is all.

Download Project

Include Circuit scheme, Firmware files and Softwares.